FX-2000 – Intellegent Analog Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

Mircom's FX-2000 is designed to provide maximum flexibility of analog system requirements while also providing easy installation and operation at a cost-effective price. The FX-2000 base panel consists of one intelligent analog loop controller capable of supporting 99 analog sensors and 99 addressable modules.

QX-5000 – Emergency Zoned Audio System

Mircoms QX-5000 is a multi channel zoned audio system that allows the operator to selectively page from a central location to any of the system's audible devices. In addition, It allows for zoned fire fighters' telephone communication with remote telephone handsets that are permanently installed throughout the building. The QX-5000 consists of a card cage/audio motherboard, an audio fire interface board, audio power supply and battery charger which are designed to work with Mircom's series 1000 or FX-2000 Fire Alarm systems.