Walk-through Metal Detection

• Pre-assembled in 3 modular sections and assembles with only eight bolts in as little as 20 minutes.

• 6 independent detecting zones assuring full body coverage and multiple object detection.

• Large LED detection indicators allows for direct and immediate response by security personnel.

• LCD display, controls, bar graph and indicators are all located in a central overhead unit.

• Solid core gatepost wrapped in PVC ensure years of reliable service.

• Audible alarm tones are adjustable in volume and duration.

• Connectivity: Up to 8 units in series.

• Size: 87.5" x 33.75" x 22".
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Hand-held metal detection

Visible LED and audible detection alarm
Unit size: 440mm(L) X 60mm(W) X 95mm(H)
Sensitivity: sensitive to 0.1g of metal
Power: 9V Alkaline or rechargeable
Frequency: 22KHz
Operating Temp: -5 to 55deg. Celsius

Detection Range:
.38cal Hand gun: 20cm
Pen Knife: 15cm
Razor Blade: 10cm