Before you call your alarm company, determine if you have an alarm or another type of problem.

If your bells or speakers are sounding throughout the building... then you have an alarm.

The Fire Department should be dispatched and once the source of the alarm is determined and reset, the panel can be reset.

If the sounds regenerate then the source of alarm has not been reset.

If a heat detector has caused the alarm and is locked in, you will have to call your alarm company to replace it.

If your panel is beeping and the trouble light is on then it is important to see if you can narrow down the source of the trouble.

Most panels have a ground fault light, if this is lit it means a wire within the building is touching ground. A typical cause for ground fault is water conducting to ground, if it has been raining heavily then this could be the cause of the problem. In most cases the panel will function normally with a ground fault condition and it will generally clear when the water dries out.

If it is a ground fault which remains in then a service call is required to find the source.

The worst scenario is an intermittent ground fault where it comes and goes, the technician will not be able to locate it if it is not present when he attends.

If the panel indicates a trouble on a circuit for example a speaker circuit, bell circuit etc., and an alarm just recently occurred in the building, then it is likely that a tenant removed a wire to silence the device. This is easily traced by a technician.

Other sources of trouble can be low or faulty batteries, power supply problems, or module problems; all of these will require a service call.



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