The responsiveness of photoelectric, thermal and ionization technology - with unmatched accuracy, speed and false alarm resistance.

The FirePrint Fire Detector from Cerberus knows that all fires have distinctive characteristics or 'fingerprints'. It uses this intelligence to instantly identify a real fire emergency, ensuring you the earliest possible warning with the greatest false alarm resistance available.

Remarkable reliability.

Using advanced software and a neural network similar to the human brain, the FirePrint detector combines the effects of photoelectric and thermal detection to sense both smoke and heat. And it actually exceeds the responsiveness of other photo, thermal, ionization or combination detectors.

This proven technology lets FirePrint recognize the traits of virtually every conceivable fire hazard. Unlike any other detector, it applies the data to distinguish fire from deceptive phenomena in seconds. These nonfire events include vehicle exhaust, cooking fumes, humidity, cigarette smoke, dust, temperature shifts, and radio interference from electronic devices.

Inside the FirePrint Detector

How the neural network operates.

All for the price of an ordinary detector.