The single INTEGRATED system solution - Monitor XL by Verex

Expandable - Flexible - Affordable! Monitor XL Security System has been designed for growth as your needs change without discarding the investments you've made along the way. Monitor XL is ready to protect people and property in virtually every application.


Detect burglars and fire with
• Wired and wireless security modules
• Smoke and heat detection
• Remote control
False alarm reduction

Monitor critical points such as
• Temperature levels
• Water levels


Secure doors with
• Simple card management
• Scheduled door locking and unlocking
• Easy visitor tracking
• High security tracking options

High security identification technology includes
• Smart Card... Mifare
• Proximity
• Biometric... fingerprint, iris, hand and facial geometry


Capture critical video in response to alarms, alerting personnel, and allowing authorized personnel to view recorded video or live situations from anywhere in the world. From single camera to multi-camera distributed networks.

Allows for a multi-dimensional view of your security operations. Scan multiple camera from anywhere and select any camera for closer scrutiny while maintaining complete control of camera movement.

Interactive Dynamic Mapping. When an alarm occurs, view a map of the area where the alarm is taking place and then bring up video to show what is happening.


Connect to multiple sites via IP Network to control and administer them from your head office or home. Manage multiple types of communications simultaneously allowing you to mix and match methods as required.

For more information on Monitor XL, visit the VEREX website.